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My Story


I'm a retired teacher but a life long learner and creating has always been my passion. Recently, I found myself back in school, taking courses to become an art teacher and had the opportunity of running a small gallery. My own journey here feels very natural. 

Block prints are really fun to make and the possibilities are endless, so you will continue to see new postings of these. You can see them on Instagram at reneegauvinart.


Inspiration comes from almost anything... but Asian art, tapestries, interesting ceramics or a beautiful face can intrigue me and really just take me away.

I love old interesting houses and architecture. My darling friends have allowed me to do portraits of their homes and it has turned into a little business. I'm always happy to take on a new commission for a house portrait and you can email or a call if this is something that you might like. It makes a great house warming, or anniversary gift.

[email protected]

540 847 9231

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